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what happened

gm started as a small project among friends that we built as a joke to make each other laugh. when we shared the testflight link, we were shocked (in a fun way) at the number of people who signed up and started sending each other gms. we were thrilled to have so many people enjoying our little app, and are deeply thankful to the nearly 9,000 of you who have signed up to test gm.

unfortunately, like any party, we had some bad guests, and on wednesday (9/1) morning around 9am eastern time, we discovered that someone may have gained unauthorized access to our users’ data (this includes usernames, display names, profile pictures, and phone numbers) by, we believe, decompiling our app binary and stealing certain credentials.

we shut the app down as soon as we realized that something was wrong and immediately worked to secure it. we’ve since brought things back online and locked down all private information.

however, we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that maintaining the app is unsustainable for our small, self-funded, and very tired team. we’ve been truly overwhelmed by the excitement and support, but none of us expected our weekend project to become a full-time job scaling infrastructure and fighting hackers on a meme app. as a result, we’ll be shutting down gm.

before this happens, we have one more thing for you. the app will remain active until tonight (friday) at 11:59pm eastern time, and we’re rolling out gb (goodbye) mode until the app is shut down, at which point we will delete everyone’s data. if you’d like to say gb, please update your testflight to the latest version.

what’s next

we hope that when you think of gm, you remember your notifications blowing up and the excitement of trying to climb the leaderboard. we had a lot of fun building something that brought so many people laughter and joy, and look forward to working on the next thing.

peace, love, and gb for now,
💛💜💙 the gm team (brian, angelo, andy, rashiq, tina, vik, raven, david) 💖💗💝